Newsletter|Hosted by IFTC, Global Blockchain Application Value Seminar Salon Shenzhen Station ended successfully

On August 4th, the IFTC team hosted the “Foresight Unexpected Future” global blockchain application value seminar. Shenzhen stood at the Daoli Creative Factory.

The founders and blockchain technology experts gave keynote speeches to discuss the future development trend and technical value of the blockchain project. Mr. Li Hangjun, the sponsor of the IFTC project, Ms. Li Yazhen, the CEO of China Paying Holdings, Mr. Zhang Yijie, the IFTC project MC, Mr. Chen Yaxi, the independent investor International Zhang, the partner of Youshi Capital, and Mr. Dao Xin, the founder of the Daoli Creative Platform, etc. Industry, business leaders, technical talents, mainstream media and other industry elites gathered together to professionally and high-end vision to the pulse blockchain industry, gathered at the seminar site, and the site of nearly 100 guests, audiences, share blockchain technology, explore the block The future development trend of the chain and the road to value.

The following is the content of the newsletter:


The meeting was held under the auspices of Mr. Wu Junwei, the global translator of the IFTC project: First, Ms. Li Yazhen, CEO of China Insurance Holdings, shared the keynote speech “What is the blockchain”.

She highlighted the origin of the blockchain bitcoin, the global digital economy and blockchain innovation, from the digital currency exchange driven by the global context to the exploration of domestic digital currency. She said that “the current application of the blockchain industry, or the underlying infrastructure, is still very primitive. Whether in terms of the performance of the blockchain itself, user friendliness and developer friendliness. There are still many problems worthy of decryption.” But from the perspective of the technical characteristics of the blockchain, namely the distributed ledger, and the economic characteristics: the decentralized trust mechanism and the intelligent contract, she believes that the blockchain is the production relationship. Revolution, it will inevitably bring about major changes in productivity.


Independent investor International Zhang gave a speech on the operation of the blockchain community. He said that the deep participation in the IFTC promotion in the past few months has made him feel the huge development space of the blockchain industry in the future, and has accumulated enough blockchain industry experience and industry resources.

More importantly, I saw a huge pain point in the ecological development of blockchain–community ecological construction. The bigger the market pain point means the bigger the opportunity and the space for development. International Zhang believes that with the development of blockchain technology, blockchain knowledge has also been popularized. More and more people are paying attention to blockchains, understanding blockchains, and participating in blockchains. As a new thing, blockchain has a huge gap between user base and Internet users. How do individuals participate in the blockchain, how to cultivate more blockchain users, how the blockchain institutions get the attention of users, so the traditional concept of “community” is slowly becoming more and more people in the blockchain ecosystem. With reference to and attention, community building has also become a battleground for all blockchain institutions.


Li Hangjun, the initiator of the IFTC project, first delivered a keynote speech on “The Consensus Mechanism of the Blockchain”. First, he introduced the concept of the consensus mechanism and several commonly used consensus mechanisms: POS, POW, DPOS, Pool, etc. From the aspects of security, scalability, performance efficiency, resource consumption, etc., the problems of several current consensus mechanisms are analyzed.

Therefore, the future blockchain consensus mechanism is introduced—that is, the double-point reverse acyclic workload proof DBRT algorithm adopted by IFTC. It optimizes the current sluggishness and security performance of the blockchain algorithm, and increases the blockchain transaction speed to 100,000+.

DRAW algorithm design idea: looking for two nodes in an infinite space, and looking for a hash in a limited space, so no need for a lot of energy consumption. Each participating bookkeeper (miner) needs to hold the corresponding locked digital currency S in his hand, set the cost of X, and calculate the rate of your take-up by the equipment computing power D of the bookkeeper (miner). X*D. Use random hashing to perform 1 hash*N1/(N1+N2+N3…+Nn) in a limited space to create a parcel accounting space (out of block).


Mr. Zhang Yijie, the IFTC project, shared the keynote speech on “Basic Cryptography of Wallets”. He said that through the blockchain, for the first time in human history, technology has completely and purely guaranteed “the sacred inviolability of private property.” This is a paragraph worthy of human excitement. How does the underlying technology “cryptography” work behind this and protect the security of digital assets? Whether you are a fan or an investor, you should know how much you need to understand, so as not to misunderstand and cause loss of assets. Therefore, the relevant cryptography involved in the wallet prototype, keystore, mnemonic, transfer transactions, etc. for the audience to conduct science.


Mr. Dao Xin, the founder of the Daoli Creative Platform, delivered a keynote speech on “The Outsider Looks at the Blockchain”. From the perspective of the blockchain, he explained why the outsiders should pay attention to the blockchain. He said that the blockchain industry is still It belongs to the stage of the formation of the fengkou. The understanding of the blockchain is to seize the opportunity. Second, regardless of the entrepreneurs, traditional industries, and mature Internet products, they can combine their own industries and realize the transformation of blockchain. Before the hurricane comes, do a good job. Prepare and catch a ride.

Finally, the meeting ended in a warm atmosphere of Q&A at the scene. This seminar is an in-depth discussion and exchange between IFTC and major blockchain guests in Shenzhen. It is of great significance to IFTC’s deep landing in the blockchain field, and it is bound to further encourage more people to recognize the blockchain. The great potential of technologies such as big data for today’s society has helped IFTC’s development in this field, and it has also continued to benefit more projects and the public from the blockchain ecosystem. IFTC will also actively assume social responsibilities and help the real economy develop better and faster, and build the most valuable blockchain ecosystem.