Global Blockchain Application Value Research Salon Chengdu Station was successfully held

Reported on August 3, 2018

Last week, the “Foresee, Future” global blockchain application value seminar organized by the IFTC team was held in Chengdu, China.

Li Hangjun, head of the IFTC project team, Li Zhengguang, co-founder of CHAINBOARD, and Prof. Fang Shen, deputy dean of the University of Hong Kong, Fudan University, and Nie Yuying, founder of Aihehua Group, attended the meeting. Supported by Hunting Network, Aihehua Group, etc.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Li Hangjun, head of the IFTC project team, delivered a speech at the opening of the meeting. Mr. Li Hangjun used a story of a cow to briefly explain the concept and principle of the blockchain, the characteristics of the rules and its application. In-depth and easy-to-understand, and opened the prelude for this seminar.

The story of the cow simply summarizes the principle of blockchain generation and the nature of the blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger, which itself is a series of interrelated data blocks generated using cryptography, each block of data. There are a number of validly confirmed online transaction information. This is the original principle of bitcoin and blockchain generation, and a large number of digital currencies is equivalent to writing on a book, of course, the model is more complicated. After listening to Mr. Li Hangjun’s introduction to the blockchain, everyone understands that the application of the blockchain will be very extensive in the future. The future development must be the advancement of science and technology, and the development of the blockchain must be the most important in the next decade. The driving force for innovation.

Ms. Li Yazhen, CEO of China Pay Holdings, introduced the development process from ULINE to IFTC. She said that the entire mobile payment market broke out in 2015. The predecessor of the IFTC team seized the opportunity of the times to develop a complete set of core systems ULINE for transaction clearing and quickly opened up bank cooperation to establish complete barriers.

In 2017, the IFTC team reached out to the blockchain and realized that the blockchain will change global finance and change the global business model. In order to maintain a sense of urgency and progress, the team began to devote itself to the study of blockchain. Based on this, the IFTC team independently developed the Double Reverse Annulus Work (DRAW) and Double Block Refrigerating Technology (DBRT Double Block Refrigerating Technology) to optimize the current blockchain algorithm efficiency and Security performance issues. And established an underlying platform IFTC (Internet FinTech Chain) that can be applied to the vertical domain.

Nie Yuying, founder of Aihehua Group, gave a speech on the current blockchain project financing and blockchain financing model construction. She said: The financing growth of blockchain enterprises is accelerating by refreshing traditional cognition. However, blockchain financing has been in a state of madness last year through illegal channels, and the myth of riches brought by ICO has attracted blind followers of countless white speculators overnight, but behind the fortune of wealth is hidden. Countless crises. When the industry continued to return to rationality, it did see financing news that was in line with expectations. At present, more and more traditional giant companies are actively deploying in the blockchain industry, and this way of investing in start-ups is to launch this landing battle in a new field.

In addition, the round table on whether business leaders should grow into technology leaders was also successfully held in the afternoon.

At this roundtable, Mr. Li Hangjun, the head of the IFTC project, described how he has grown from a technical white to a leader who has in-depth research on technology during his many years of entrepreneurship. He said that the development of technology has raised more on the leaders of enterprises. High requirements. In order to cater to the rapid growth of the company, a business leader must also grow into a technical expert in the field.

Li Zhenguang, co-founder of Chainbo Technology, said: In the development of technology-based enterprises, technology is a very important link. Today’s business decisions must be based on a comprehensive understanding of technology, which puts higher demands on the professionalism of business leaders in the field of technology.

Prof. Fang Shen, deputy dean of the Union College of the University of Hong Kong at Fudan University, said that the hard signboards that are indispensable for companies relying on science and technology are the professionalism of technicians. For this reason, the founders and CEOs from all walks of life can hire top-notch companies. Technical talents to meet the development of the company.

Finally, the conference ended with a roundtable on the theme “Some traps in blockchain investment”. Regarding the advice to investors, the spokesperson said that many investors do not know much about the composition of the project. The first thing to identify is the industry’s pain points and whether it is combined with the real economy. The second is whether the project is just a hard zone. Blockchain projects, catching up with the tide, whether to deepen the technology. Investors are advised to maintain a good attitude and do not understand the blockchain project. Do not ALL IN. At the same time, it is mentioned that many exchanges, public chains, technology suppliers and other teams have strong technical background, but the problem is that they still don’t know how to do financing, so blockchain investment should also be valued for them. A system and ecology.