Hit discussion | Focusing on the global blockchain technology frontier, IFTC was invited to attend the Singapore 2018 ICE Summit

July 19, 2018

On July 18, 2018, the “Innovate, Connect, Economy” ICE Summit hosted by the National University of Singapore and Bplus was held at the Marina Bay Sands. Professor Tan Eng Chye, President of National University of Singapore, Ms. Wu Choy Peng, Chief Technology Officer of Singapore Government Investment Corporation, Professor Mohan S. Kankanhalli, Dean of the School of Computer Science, National University of Singapore, and other leaders of the Singapore government, global blockchain industry scholars, technical talents and corporate leaders attended, more than 300 elites from well-known institutions and organizations in the industry were invited to participate in this conference to jointly explore the future of the digital future and decode digital genes.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Tan Eng Chye, President of the National University of Singapore, and Dean of the School of Computer Science, Mohan S. Kankanhalli, delivered opening speech . The National University is Singapore’s leading world-class university. It is based in Asia and is globally oriented. It promotes high-quality education and research in an international framework, highlighting Asian perspectives and advantages.

Wu Choy Peng, CTO of Singapore Government Investment Corporation, described the theme of “Digital Transformation” as living in the digital age. The development of technology ensures efficient work throughout the day and provides a seamless experience. New ways of storage, analysis, automation and management have spurred disruptive ideas and contributed to disruptive practices. Digital transformation is an inevitable trend of technology development.

As the Director of the National Artificial Intelligence Core Program in Singapore, Laurence Liew first introduced the AISG, which aims to unite the three major areas of government, research institutions and industry to promote the development and application of artificial intelligence. Laurence Liew explored the need for Singapore to develop AI technology from three aspects: AI research, AI technology, and AI innovation. With the theme of “Transforming the Industry through Public-Private Cooperation: 100 E and Apprenticeship Program”, he proposed that the apprenticeship program was divided into joint research, resource interoperability and talent cultivatio. Finally, he gave the summary of his speech: First, seize the opportunity that can be used for big data in unusual field. Second, familiar with the social and economic background of the market. Third, mobile communications and information and communication technologies are subtly changing the entire industry.

Keith Carter and Tan Chuan Hoo, Professor of Information Systems and Analysis, National University of Singapore, Yu Chien Siang, Professor of Computer Science, National University of Singapore, Amit Roy Choudhury, Content Strategist, Business Times, Singapore, and Clara Lee, Chief Information Officer, Johnson Controls Asia Pacific. The round-table discussion is held on “What is the digital assets of enterprises?”. Experts expressed their opinions and debated on the viewpoint “whether business leaders should become expert leaders in IT.”

The IFTC team representative Li Hangjun participated in the round table on the theme of “blockchain technology in solving the industry pain points”. Mr. Li Hangjun said: In the middle of 2017, the IFTC team applied the Ethereum public chain to the bank payment and settlement system. It found that the underlying design only supported 7 transactions per second, which was far from meeting the demand of payment instruments and severely restricted the decentralized application and development of blockchain. Based on this, the IFTC team and the university have developed the Double Reverse Annulus Work (DRAW) and Double Block Refrigerating Technology (DBRT Double Block Refrigerating Technology) to optimize the current blockchain algorithm efficiency and security.

As the international financial center, the Singapore government has been helping the development of the blockchain industry. This summit is the most authoritative event attended by the three parties, Singapore government, corporation and university. This meeting plays a pivotal strategic role in further promoting the orderly and sustainable development of the blockchain industry. IFTC will also take this opportunity to chain the world, truly focusing on global ecological resources, promoting blockchain technology application scenarios to reconstruct global commerce, and establishing a new ecosystem of blockchain with blockchain as the underlying technology,