IFTC listed in serval Exchange, becoming a dark horse with a daily trading volume of 1.4 billion.

July 16, 2018

Recently, IFTC was officially listed on the Syex, DDEX, and Etherflyer Exchange, and opened the ETH/usdt trading market. According to data from the Syex Exchange, up till press time, IFTC currently has a daily trading volume of 1.4 billion, and the trading volume is very impressive, which undoubtedly becomes a dark horse on the Exchange. Not only has its platform token IFTC price skyrocketed, but it has also attracted lots of attention.

IFTC trend

The rapid rise of IFTC was strongly supported and boosted by the Syes Exchange. On the day of listing, Syes issued an announcement on the Exchange and on Facebook, TWITTER and REDDIT, which effectively improved the exposure of IFTC, boosting the rapid growth of IFTC users.

As far as the current trend is concerned, IFTC will continue to rise steadily in the future; and as users continue to increase, it will directly increase IFTC trading volume, and IFTC prices will continue to rise. Industry experts also predicted that the value of IFTC will continue to rise as IFTC application widely used.

In this regard, the expert pointed out that IFTC used the media to promote marketing, conducting airdrop reward activities. IFTC connected the platform and client to a decentralized network system, constructing the system through online and offline promotion modes. An industrial ecological environment that can circulate in self-internal and continuously expand outward has been constructed, thus the future prospects are promising.

IFTC——Reconstructing Global Business

According to introduction, Internet FinTech Chain(IFTC) is an infrastructure platform which can be applied in vertical sectors.

The IFTC team has developed a complete blockchain application underlying public chain with years of experience in the development of trading clearing systems and research in the financial sector. Including smart contracts, digital currency payment transaction settlement system, billing system, Token, decentralized exchange underlying architecture, IFTC has established a basic underlying platform that can be applied in vertical sectors, providing API, source code. This allows business institutions, organizations, and individuals to easily establish an underlying system based on the blockchain infrastructure and the underlying system of secured transactions, allowing their sub-mergers to have more capabilities to use their digital currency to complete transactions. It’s an actual blockchian technology that can be used by users and realizing the application and construction of the business ecology at the blockchain level.

The IFTC team stated that they have independently developed the Double Reverse Annulus Work (DRAW) and IFTC Double Block Refrigerating Technology to optimize the current blockchain algorithm for efficiency and security, increasing blockchain trading speed to millions. This not only promotes the true implementation of IFTC, but also becomes a milestone in the history of blockchain research. IFTC has issued its own tokens with its advantage. With the development of blockchain technology, it will definitely push up the IFTC circulation rate and IFTC prices will continue to rise. IFTC will also fully seize the explosive development opportunities in the blockchain market in the next few years.